Absorba Nateen Maxi Plus Adult Diapers

Product Details

Absorba Nateen Super Adult Diapers offer premium quality comfort through incorporating aloe vera gel and are well-designed for utmost leakage protection.


  • Cloth-like textile
  • Aloe Vera – suitable for sensitive skin
  • Dual layer Absorbent Core with SAP – provides maximum urine retention and superior absorbency
  • Waterproof Standing Leak Guards – higher leak guards for maximum protection & minimize urine leakages
  • Wetness Indicator – pattern fades when diaper is wet & time for changing
  • Stay Dry Strip Layer (Green ADL) – quicker absorption and the GREEN ADL lock away moisture from skin for maximum dryness and comfort
  • Cloth-Like Breathable Textile Backsheet – aeration of skin, reduce heat and improves comfort during prolong usage
  • Front & Back Elastic waist band – Extra comfort & proper fitting
  • Velco re-fastening tape – Secure taping & unlimited adjustment

How to wear diaper correctly in laying down position:
1. Unfold the diaper and position it so that the middle of the cotton pad is centralized.
2. Fold the rear upper edge inwards along the waistline.
3. With the patient lying flat, open the front flap and fold the upper edge inwards. Fasten the lower and upper tapes to corresponding patterns right and left for a comfortable fit.

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