21st Century Vapor Balm 38G

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21st Century Vapor Balm is a strawberry fragrance ointment specially formulated for children, to provide relief from blocked nose, cough and muscular aches and pains due to colds. It specifically does not contain Camphor because the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION has stated that Camphor vapour is harmful to small children. Camphor is okay for Adults BUT not for small children.

  1. Shika43
    687 reviews

    Cool and good

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 26, 2019

    Saya telah lama menggunakan 21st Century Vapor Balm 38G dan harus ada dalam bilik anak2 atau didalam bag anak2…mudah digunakan perlu disimpan dalam suhu bilik jika tidak 21st Century Vapor Balm 38G akan jadi lembut dan cair.. bau berangin dan cool serta akan berikan kesan sedikit panas… Texture 21st Century Vapor Balm 38G seperti cream… Sangat membantu kurangkan hidung tersumbat , pening, mual dan perut masuk angin… Sangat melegakan bekas 21st Century Vapor Balm 38G pun mudah disimpan dalam bag dan sangat tahan lama mengikut cara penggunaan…bau berangin seperti mint sangat segar dan best ..

  2. Christopher Ian
    3 reviews

    Handy and Effective!

    4 out of 5, reviewed on September 22, 2018

    Not only is it applicable for children, even an adult like me use it frequently to relieve my blocked nose from time to time. This strawberry scented 21st Century Children’s Vapor Balm not only smells nice but it is effective in providing relieves for my blocked nose. Besides, this product is also handy and I can easily carry it everywhere I go. Certainly a good and effective product!

  3. Fatiin Haniisah
    3 reviews

    My baby loves it

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 18, 2018

    When my baby got flu and cold, I used to apply different ointment before, but she looked like uncomfortable with it and quite hot to her skin. Until I changed to this 21st Century vapor balm, she really loves it. The berry smell is very soft and it does not contain camphor thus safe to my baby.

  4. Shahrul64
    164 reviews

    Cepat melegakan hidung tersumbat dan batuk

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 15, 2017

    Saya mengamalkan vapor balm ini untuk anak saya. Setiap kali selepas mandi saya menyapu di dada dan di belakang untuk memanaskan tubuhnya. Bau balm ini agak wangi. Jika hidung tersumbat saya menyapunya sedikit di bawah hidung dan ia dapat melegakan hidung tersumbat. Harganya amat murah sekali.

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