21st Century Muscle Builder & Rapid Weight gain Powder with Colostrum

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21st Century Muscle Builder and Rapid Weight Gain Powder with Colostrum Is a delicious, nutritious chocolate food drink that increases weight and strengthens muscles.


a) High quality Amino Acids which are needed to build muscles.

b) L’Arginine and L’Ornithine which speed up weight gain in your muscles, not around your stomach or thighs.

c) Concentrates of proteins and carbohydrates. Protein is the main constituent of muscles, skin, hair, nails, eyes and internal organs.

d) Ideal for underweight and convalescing people – it is easily digested and provides all the nutrients needed by the body – it is a complete food.

e) Contains no L-Tryptophan unlike many other Muscle Builder Powders.


  • Mix 2 heaped tablespoons in a glass of water and consume 30-40 minutes before training or competition.
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