Heinz Chocolate Biscotti

100comments Product Excellence Award 2020 Winner

The Go-To Choice For Your Baby’s Finger Food

The winner of 100Comment’s Product Excellence Awards 2018, Heinz Chocolate Biscotti is loved by babies and parents across the world as a deliciously different finger food.

Eating finger food is fun for your baby. The new tastes and textures help to stimulate your baby’s mind while being able to touch and hold their food helps to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

As your baby grows older and starts being able to eat solid food, it’s important to provide them with food that’s both healthy and enjoyable. Heinz Chocolate Biscotti is a deliciously different finger food that your kids are bound to love. It’s the perfect finger food to be part of your child’s lifestyle.

As Close To Home-made As You Can Get

Heinz Chocolate Biscotti is based on a unique Italian recipe, using the same kind of ingredients that you have at home. Every ingredient is carefully selected based on its taste, texture, and goodness.

Premium Standard

Heinz takes its baby food as seriously as you do. To preserve quality, they always use premium ingredients. This means that every ingredient that goes into a Heinz Chocolate Biscotti has passed strict tests so that you know it contains no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. Just good ,tasty ingredients.

Perfect For Little Mouths

Heinz Chocolate Biscotti is designed perfectly for babies, with a gentle crunch that softens in little mouths. Whether it’s for tea time or an impromptu snack while on the go, your little one can enjoy Heinz Chocolate Biscotti’s delicious flavour. If you think that the biscotti is too hard for your baby, you can even soften it up with milk or warm water.

Eat It At Home Or When You’re Out

Whether you’re eating at home or having it on the go, Heinz Chocolate Biscotti is a great little snack to keep your baby’s hunger pangs at bay. This tasty treat is perfectly sized for little hands to grip, making it great for families that happen to be on the go.

Heinz Chocolate Biscotti – The Tasty Choice

Heinz Chocolate Biscotti is the ideal snack for your child. Fortified with iron, each biscotti contains 8 key vitamins and minerals which are great additions to your child’s diet. Designed for 7+ months old babies, the rich chocolate flavour and delightfully crunchy texture is something that your kids are bound to enjoy.

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