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An Effective Vitamin E Multitasker



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The winner of 100Comment’s Product Excellence Awards 2018, Derma Health’s Skinlabs Concentrated Vitamin E Cream is a beloved smooth, rich moisturising and powerful anti-oxidant cream.

The health of your skin affects the health of your body. Dry, dull skin can be the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and the absence of a daily moisturising routine. As such, it is important to practice good daily habits such as eating well, exercising and applying a good quality moisturiser like Derma Health’s Skinlabs Concentrated Vitamin E Cream.

Lightweight, Yet Effective

Derma Health’s Skinlabs Concentrated Vitamin E Cream doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. In fact, once you apply it, it barely feels like anything is on the skin. However, the skin will feel better as the dryness disappears.

High In Vitamin E

There are so many good things about Vitamin E, we don’t know where to begin. But first and foremost, Vitamin E has a crucial role to play in scar healing and skin protection. Derma Health’s Skinlabs Concentrated Vitamin E Cream contains 10,000 i.u of concentrated Vitamin E which provides comprehensive skin protection and therapeutic efficacy. So, apply this cream to any troublesome spots and see those scars fade away with consistent usage.

Deeply Rehydrates Skin

Those with dry and sensitive skin can benefit from this cream as it works beautifully even on very dry and cracked skin. It deeply rehydrates the skin while rejuvenating skin cells and helps repair damaged areas. So if you are out in the sun a tad too long, slather on this cream on your skin to soothe and heal it.

Moisturises From Head To Toe

We all love multitasking products and this cream certainly excels in that. You can use it to moisturise and protect your skin from head to toe. Additionally, Derma Health’s Skinlabs Concentrated Vitamin E Cream can be used to treat stretch marks, dehydrated skin, lighten acne and other blemishes, sunburnt and ageing skin.

A 100% original quality product direct from GMP manufacturer, this affordable cream is definitely something that should be in everyone’s skincare cabinet.

For more information, go to www.skinlabs.my/products.

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