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5 Simple Steps to Keep Your Skin Feeling Fresh and Clean

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Many women will agree that nothing makes you feel quite as confident as having great skin. No matter what your age, having your skin feeling fresh and clean is sure to brighten up your day and make you feel younger and healthier than usual.

Unfortunately, sometimes it seems that everything you do has an adverse effect on your skin. Enjoying a late night out? Hope you enjoy having dark circles in the morning. Preparing for an upcoming party? Oh, wait, is that a zit? Feeling a little stressed out? Surely a few wrinkles won’t be too much to handle.

Today, many of us live in an environment that is polluted with dust and smoke, not to mention many other pollutants which can harm our skin. Aside from that, the modern lifestyle tends to be very stressful, forcing you to constantly rush about to and fro.

To help you recover and restore your skin to the way that it should be, we’ve put together a list of 5 simple steps to keep your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is important for our overall health – being dehydrated not only feels terrible but can also cause problems with digestion, circulation, absorption and even secretion.

If you haven’t been drinking enough water, your skin suffers. The lack of hydration can cause your skin to become dry, tight, and flaky. Dry skin is also more prone to wrinkling compared to healthy skin.

The average adult needs between 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday in order to keep hydrated. Aside from that, try to eat more fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, cucumber, and oranges. These not only taste good but also have a high water content.

Skip the long, steamy showers

I know, I know. There’s nothing better than a nice hot shower after a long day at work.

But did you know that standing under the hot shower for too long can strip your skin of its essential moisture?

Long, hot showers wash away your skin’s natural protective oils, causing it to dry out and making it more vulnerable to damage. To avoid this, limit your showers to 10 minutes at a time and try to keep the water cool.

You are what you eat

As a Malaysian, we are blessed with an abundance of delicious food all year around. However, if you are not careful, it’s all to easy to indulge and consume too much unhealthy food.

To help your skin remain fresh and clean, it’s important to avoid spicy or fermented foods, excess salt, and fried foods. Instead, replace them with fresh fruits and greens. A low sugar diet not only makes it easier to maintain your figure but also keeps insulin levels down and helps your cells maintain a healthy balance.

Enjoy your beauty sleep

Did you know that your skin can feel tired too?

If you don’t get enough sleep, your skin starts to sag, which is how you get unwanted bags and dark circles under your eyes.

If you’re having trouble getting enough sleep, trying running a humidifier in your room every night. Keeping a certain level of humidity in the air not only helps to avoid dry, itchy skin, but also makes it easier to sleep since you’ll be able to breathe the moist air more easily.

Practice a Daily Facial Care Routine with Oilum Hydro-Rebalance Firming Cleanser

To keep your skin feeling fresh and clean, don’t forget to wash and moisturize your face every evening before going to bed.

Use a reliable facial cleanser such as Oilum Hydro-Rebalance Firming Cleanser in order to wash away any excess dirt or oil that might have built up on the surface of your skin throughout the day.

Oilum Hydro-Rebalance Firming Cleanser is uniquely formulated by professional dermatologists to help relieve skin from dryness and wrinkles. This specially designed formula helps in restoring, maintaining, and enhancing your skin’s moisture balance, elasticity, and healthy texture.

Oilum Hydro-Rebalance Firming Cleanser contains collagen – a recognized firming agent that helps the skin remain youthful and wrinkle free. In addition, this cleanser also contains olive oil (oleum olivarum), which serves as a natural nourishing anti-oxidant. Used for centuries in countless beauty routines, olive oil is well regarded as an excellent moisturizer for dry skin.

Use Oilum Hydro-Rebalance Firming Cleanser regularly to maintain healthy, younger looking skin that will look supple and smooth all year round. Clinically tested to ensure its safety, Oilum Hydro Rebalance Firming Cleanser is well known across the world for its positive properties in relation to skincare. Designed by a pharmaceutical company with decades of experiences with manufacturing high-quality skin and beauty products, Oilum Hydro-Rebalance Firming Cleanser is known and trusted by expert dermatologists worldwide.

Try Oilum Hydro-Rebalance Firming Cleanser today to enjoy beautiful soft skin for many years to come! For best results, apply Oilum Hydro-Rebalance Firming lotion afterwards.

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