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5 Reasons Why We Love Vitamin C

In a tropical country like Malaysia where the weather is unpredictable many times throughout the year, we are prone to the risk of getting flu and colds easily, especially during rainy seasons. As such, prevention is indeed a better choice than cure, and what better way to build up our family’s body defences than with the simple but powerful Vitamin C?

Here are 5 reasons why we love Vitamin C:

Vitamin C Protects Against Cold & Flu

Vitamin C helps relieves cold and flu symptoms

Regular consumption of vitamin C through food and supplements have been shown to relieve sniffles, sneezing, coughs and other symptoms of flu and colds while reducing their duration and severity. It may also help reduce the frequency which colds and other respiratory infections recurrence. People who normally combat allergy symptoms like hayfever and blocked sinuses will also find temporary relief with vitamin C.

So, when you feel like you are about to come down with cold or flu, be sure to consider taking some vitamin C from a reliable source, such as Citrex Vitamin C daily to support your body’s resistance.

Great for Overall Immunity

Vitamin C plays a vital role in immune function and helps you fight infections by enhancing the function of key cells such as macrophages, lymphocytes, antibodies, B cells and T cells.

It enhances several mechanisms the immune system uses to fight against infection, such as antibodies production as well as phagocytosis which is the process where immune cells overcome and destroy infectious organisms.

Vitamin C Boosts Collagen ProductionFor Healthy Collagen Formation

Vitamin C is also required for the formation of collagen and connective tissue, which helps heal minor wounds and reduces the tendency to bruise easily. Post-surgery, it is useful in wound repair, as it helps tissues heal faster.

Those with a tendency to bruise easily can load up on vitamin C as it helps reduce bruise marks, as well as relieve cuts, scratches, abrasions and other minor wounds. No wonder mommies consider vitamin C a vital part of their active child’s growing up years!

Aids Absorption and Bioavailability of Iron

Iron is essential in transporting oxygen throughout the body and key in good cardiovascular health as well as revving up one’s metabolism. Unfortunately, the absorption of this crucial mineral differs from individual to individual, but the good news is, they can consume vitamin C to support the absorption of iron in the digestive tract. It also helps in the formation of enzymes that regulate a range of bodily processes.

For women, children, vegans and vegetarians who may experience a deficiency in iron, vitamin C consumption is recommended to boost and maintain adequate iron levels.

Helps Maintain Healthy Eye Function

Vitamin C and eye health

Yet another reason to love vitamin C – the promise of healthy eyes! This powerful antioxidant helps one to maintain healthy vision, especially in the sensitive macular region – the region of your eyes that takes care of your central vision. Vitamin C protects the macular region from damage caused by free radical activity and oxidisation. A diet or supplement rich in antioxidant and vitamin C will help everyone, especially the elderly in maintaining healthy vision.

Studies have found that increased vitamin C intake slows the rate of age-related macular degeneration which is the main cause of blindness. This disease damages the central vision required to view clearly for activities such as reading and driving.

What are you waiting for? Have some Vitamin C today!

There are many selections of vitamin C supplementation available, such Citrex Vitamin C which comes in a chewable form with delicious flavour.

Vitamin C supplement is important for your children as it could help in their growth and development while keeping their gums and blood vessels healthy.

Note that the human body cannot produce or store vitamin C. Therefore, it’s essential to consume it regularly in sufficient amounts. Please follow the recommended daily intake of vitamin C daily for your optimum health!

Citrex Vitamin C